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  • About Us

    Founded in 2005, Service Measure is a leading provider of mystery guest services for hotels and restaurants throughout Europe and the United States. Service Measure is a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).


    In addition, technology companies partner with Service Measure to quickly deploy and manage logistics, recruitment, and travel-related projects.

  • Project Management & Logistics

    Service Measure's experienced international operations team achieves impressive and consistent results for clients by building and utilizing talented teams and bespoke systems. With years of experience working throughout Europe and the USA, planning and managing complex projects in diverse industries, Service Measure is well positioned to successfully support global companies on their missions.

  • Mystery Customers & ATP Testing

    Business leaders use Service Measure tools to motivate teams, raise service standards and sales, as well as to garner more positive online reviews on sites including TripAdvisor. Service Measure's proprietary technology, survey quality, and dashboard functionality are the best in the business.

  • Mobile Surveys

    Service Measure Mobile allows clients to hear directly from customers in real-time. It is an effective and secure way to stay in touch with customers and to manage rewards programs, making it a very powerful marketing tool.

  • Locations

    Proudly serving clients in the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and USA

    UK & Europe Head Office

    Service Measure
    P.O. Box 7306

    Glasgow G46 9BP


    Phone Number: +44 (0)141 255 2344

    North America Head Office

    Service Measure

    150 E Garden Road

    Larchmont, NY 10538


    Phone Number: +1 (203) 979-6486

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