• Mystery Customers

    Industry-Leading, Custom Mystery Shopping Solutions.

  • Companies who embrace mystery guest programs improve staff retention and morale, increase guest satisfaction and optimize sales performance and profitability.


    Service Measure’s mobile-friendly, online portal allows clients to access their data rich dashboards securely and all in one place.


    Service Measure now offers ATP hygiene audits to help assess cleanliness levels in front and back of house. Cleanliness has never been more important in the eyes or your staff and customers alike. Click below to find out more.

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    Current & Historical Data

    All management levels of your business have 24/7 access to your data and analysis.

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    Group Comparisons

    Monitor every facet of your business and encourage competition and self-improvement.

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    Key-Focus Reports

    Drill down into the most pressing and crucial aspects of your business.

  • Mystery Customer Program Features

    Retrieving Reports

    Service Measure’s online system enables clients to access current and historical records at any time of day. Dedicated Service Measure account managers also work closely which each client to help with setting up new projects, configure dashboards and templates, as well as offer day to day general support and guidance.

    Actionable Feedback

    Service Measure's system produces high quality reports that are constructive and impartial. To ensure ongoing fairness and continued effectiveness, there is an expedient appeals process in place.

    Customizeable Data

    All of Service Measure’s reports can be tailored for your business and include overviews for group comparisons, graphical trend data, on-demand key-focus reports and KPIs.

    Quality Assurance

    All of Service Measure’s reports receive three-levels of checks for clarity and consistency; making the feedback easy to understand, digest, and ultimately provide the maximum impact for your business.

    Reliable Shoppers

    Mystery shoppers are assigned based on demographic suitability, past performance ratings and geographic location. No single shopper will be used for the same assignment location within 12 months, ensuring their identities are protected.

  • Related Services

    Service Measure offers the below services to complement its mystery customer program or as standalone projects:

    • Telephone sales recordings and analysis
    • ATP test audits (NEW)
    • eCommerce purchase testing
    • Competitor analysis
    • Real customer mobile surveys

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