• How it Works


    We offer individual monthly assignments based on your geographic location and suitability to carry out the job. The number of assignments per month cannot be guaranteed and assignments are not available for the same shopper more than once per year. Full and detailed briefs are always provided in advance, and we offer 7 day a week support.


    After each visit or assignment, shoppers are required to accurately complete their reports in a detailed, fair and constructive manner and by the required deadline. Service Measure uses a proprietary shopper rating system, ensuring top performers are rewarded with access to all available assignments first.

    Flexible Hours

    Hours are variable and very flexible. In most cases, you decide on what day you wish to complete your assignments within a time frame. Generally the policy of Service Measure is to allow shoppers up to two open or active assignments at any given time. Extensions may be allowed in exceptional circumstances.


    Please ensure you read over the terms and conditions first (the link is provided below) as these will provide you with a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities involved. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Registration is free and your details are kept secure and never shared with clients.

  • Want To Join Our Team?

    Service Measure has a growing team of experienced mystery shoppers who are passionate about customer service and guest experience. Service Measure are seeking shoppers who are observant and meticulous as well as able to provide constructive feedback. Sound like you? Submit your application below to be a Service Measure mystery shopper today.

  • Register as a Mystery Shopper

    By registering, you are indicating that you have read and agree to all the shopper terms and conditions.

  • Fraud Alert Notice

    If you are not already registered as a shopper with Service Measure, and you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Service Measure with an enticing offer or trying to solicit your information, for your own protection you should ignore it.

    Service Measure will never engage in cold‐calling or communicate with someone who is not already a registered Service Measure mystery shopper, and prepayments for assignments are highly unusual. 

    Remember, if it seems too good to be true… it almost certainly is.