• Mobile Surveys

    Customer Real-time Feedback and Rewards

  • Hear from and stay in touch with your customers

    Service Measure Mobile allows you to hear directly from real customers, every single day. By accessing a survey on a mobile device, they can answer up to 10 questions about the areas of your business that matter most to you. Within 60 seconds they submit their feedback and your personal secure online dashboard updates immediately. Clients can have separate campaigns with different questions designed for all their departments or staff members – the options are endless.

  • Quick and Easy Feedback

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    Easy Access

    Customers scan a QR code or type in a short URL. Clients can display the QR code and URL on receipts and/or promotional material or provide a dedicated tablet for customers to fill the survey.

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    60 Second Survey

    Customers answer up to 6 questions about the most important areas of your business in a mobile-optimized survey. It is smooth, quick and easy to complete and fully customized to your brand.

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    Reward Customers

    Upon completion, an auto e-voucher can be emailed directly to your customers, with an offer of your choice to entice them back sooner. Alternatively, on-the-spot rewards can be offered.

  • Benefits

    You will have access to feedback and data from actual customers with Service Measure's efficient and cost-effective platform.

    Real-time Feedback

    Data and feedback is uploaded onto your dashboard instantly and can be viewed in league tables by region, site or department. All data is downloadable in CSV format.

    Efficient & Secure

    Unlike comments cards, mobile surveys provide a secure and confidential feedback-gathering mechanism, ensuring data won’t go missing or end up in the wrong hands.

    Full Customization

    You can have your own logos and content appear on the surveys, and changes can be made easily and quickly to ensure your campaigns are always relevant and based on present day trends.

    Employee Survey Program

    Mobile surveys are also a very effective way to hear from your team members and managers to ascertain their feelings about a range of issues they may have about their jobs. Carrying out regular employee surveys is just as eye opening as customer surveys and are completely anonymous, encouraging honesty.

    Affordable Marketing

    Reward your customers with enticements in the form of e-vouchers. Access all your customers' data via your dashboard and track voucher redemption performance filtered by region and site. It is a very effective and affordable marketing tool.

  • Simple Pricing


    One-off set up fee per campaign: £65 (UK) / €75 (EU) / $85 (USA)
    Price per survey: £0.65 (UK) / €0.75 (EU) / $0.85 (USA)